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LMFAO is currently on a hiatus that started in September 2012.In 2010, Sky Blu created Big Bad University ("the first university for dreamers"), a collective of artists, which is mainly composed of the rapper Shwayze, recording artist/songwriter/Maxim model Chelsea Korka, and producer/singer/songwriter Mark Rosas.I mean, this guy is a complete new package, developing and evolving in the art of doing things on his own.He has got plenty of shirtless pictures on the media, and also performs on tours and events with no shirt.In 2006, Sky Blu teamed up with his uncle Redfoo to form LMFAO.

The music video for "Sexy and I Know It" was filmed in Venice, California, and uploaded on LMFAO's You Tube channel on September 16, 2011.He is the son of Berry Gordy IV and Valerie Robeson.He is the brother of DJ and singer Mahogany "Lox" Cheyenne Gordy.2009's Party Rock and 2011's Sorry for Party Rocking.Gordy is the grandson of Motown founder Berry Gordy.

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"Party Rock Anthem" became the most successful song of their entire career, peaking at number one in over ten countries, including France, the UK, the U.

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