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But just because boys often have fewer words, does not mean they have fewer emotions.”Perhaps that is why more teenage boys and younger men are now opting for group outings with friends rather than one-on-one dates with girls.“The group format is not quite as intense and doesn’t carry as much meaning,” Smiler says.Among the many questions I receive on Facebook and Twitter about etiquette, one is from a correspondent who wants to know what is the latest thinking concerning men’s manners toward women? At this blossoming point in the summer season of social give-and-take, it’s a good question. He shakes your hand only when you offer it first, same for a kiss on the cheek.

Of course, there are two sides to any story, including this one.

There’s a lot of romance in the advertisements aimed at women,” Smiler says.

“But then there are television shows like “Everyone Loves Raymond” and “2 ½ Men” that convey the message that once a man gets married, he is never going to have any fun ever again.”To make matters worse, men are not always sure how to communicate with their partners to clear up the mixed messages.“When we look at how boys are raised, we find that boys are taught to not express their emotions,” Smiler said.“That’s because we talk to girls about their feelings, but we do much less of that with boys.

Case number 1: A young fashion-world executive who describes herself as a “post-feminist” recently went on a first date with an investment banker. The meal was good, the conversation fine, and when the bill came to the table, placed equal distance between them, he reached for it, read it and said, “Okay, your share with tip is 9.” Right or wrong, the lady was angry. Like thwarted intentions and undelivered communications, nothing can cause greater upset than unfulfilled expectations.

Case number 2: Two elegantly dressed men and one elegantly dressed woman in a midtown New York City office building’s elevator.

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Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself: Have fun and be fun on dates as you get to know others. Some of the most fun dates can be as simple as cooking a meal together. You can observe and get to know the other person better by doing activities than by just sitting and watching movies.

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