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The club regularly hosts themed parties in which you can spend time with the agency’s high-class women.

For those who may not feel like hiring a girl but still want the famous thrill of Amsterdam sex, one of the city's strip clubs or live sex shows is the way to go.

Basic Instinct star Michael Douglas revealed that his throat cancer was apparently caused by performing oral sex.

In a surprisingly frank interview with the Guardian, the Hollywood actor, now winning plaudits in the Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra, explained the background to a condition that was thought to be nearly fatal when diagnosed three years ago.

Between the coffeeshops and sex shops, the narrow streets are filled with girls who pose suggestively in their windows, beckoning passing tourists inside for some illicit pleasure, but there are also many other forms of sexual entertainment available throughout the city.

One thing to keep in mind when visiting Amsterdam sex clubs is the infamous "taxi scam", in which a club will have a deal with taxi drivers to take customers to their door even though they may not be the closest or best club nearby.

"He said: 'We need a biopsy.' There was a walnut-size tumour at the base of my tongue that no other doctor had seen." Shortly afterwards he was diagnosed with stage four cancer (stage five is death) and embarked on an intensive eight-week course of chemotherapy and radiation.

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And in the three-makes-a-trend rule, there’s also former congressman Anthony Weiner, who this month tested the waters with polls gauging the public’s willingness to put aside those photos of his undies-clad crotch he sent to a young woman who wasn’t his wife. Y., exits the Alexandria, Va., general court after his sentencing for drunken driving Dec. Fossella was sentenced to five days in jail, a humiliating coda to a political career ruined by revelations he'd fathered a child from an extramarital affair.

And for a bonus entry in the Gallery of Second Acts, Long Island media types are chewing over a possible political future for former congressman Vito Fossella (he of the DUI arrest that led to revelations of a mistress and a love child). (Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press) Fossella’s response: “I don’t know what the future holds.” Last year, he told the Loop he “wouldn’t shut the door.” Sounds like a potential “Put me in, coach! So how did these guys, whose collective scrapbook of embarrassment includes hookers, an Argentinian mistress, a secret family, naughty photos and lies aplenty, get second chances — or at least glimmers of hope?

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