Naruto dating sim newgrounds Deutsche sex seiten

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Naruto dating sim newgrounds

Don't worry, the shippers got what they wanted in the end.

It starts off after Pico Sim Date 1 where we left off at the dance by showing Pico admiring Nene's beauty as she stares off into the starry night sky.

:) I wish they'd make a legit one where you can make your own character and actually date people/train and become a ninja.

please read the entire text before playing the game ok,this is how i did this when you start the game all the points that you can use put it on you you go to the traning grounds and train you chakra until its to 50,then you train your strength until its to 50 in the training in the academy you raise your intelligence until its to 50,and do the same to the charm in the flower should have all your chakra bars and max stength you go to town hall and do missions until you have 5000 money,then you train all your chakra,strength,charm and intelligence to 99 each(thats the max and all this should take you to day 25th ish)then go for your desired boy.

Moosh (the creator of the game) then comes out and starts talking about how he should have drawn a special "reward" for finishing the first game, but explains that he didn't do so since he couldn't really draw this back then.We then see an angry and frustrated Cyclops in a dark room, complaining about how Pico beat him in front of Nene.He then yells at himself about finding his razors and how he needs to cut himself.I ran a few testruns on this, but ofc, it's possible that I missed a few bugs here and there.If you notice one, please let me know so that I can try to fix it, thank you!

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Maaaan I remember playing this all the time back in the day!

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