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He was then seen to attempt to undertake the car before it stopped and the passenger, Donya Bryant, got out and confronted him.

Ms Byng said: "He began shouting at them, telling them they shouldn't have been on the phone.

"This left a red mark the size of a 50p piece and a swollen lump." Ms Byng said that Sanderson told another off-duty police officer who witnessed the incident: "You do not know what you saw, young man.

I am police too." Miss Bryant said in a victim impact statement read to the court: "I feel extremely let down by someone who, as a serving police officer, should have been protecting the public." Sanderson had denied the offence of assault by beating and was found guilty following a trial last month.

Terry lunged at Madison and was immediately swarmed by sheriff’s deputies as Madison and his attorneys scrambled to get out of the way.

Small groups of Muslims and non-Muslims are invited to sit together, share a meal and start a conversation completely uncensored.

Both women told him to go and leave them alone." She said the situation escalated as Miss Bryant, who was emotionally upset at the recent bereavement of a friend, swore at the defendant and threatened to kill him.

She continued: "Mr Sanderson, still wearing his crash helmet at that point, head-butted Miss Bryant to the forehead.

For Muslim participants it's an opportunity to break down taboos and challenge orthodox views. And we're going to ask two people from non-Islamic backgrounds and two people from Islamic backgrounds to sit on each table. It's a - faith is - faith comes from a set of principles that you believe in.

The event is called Speed Date a Muslim and Lateline's Tierney Bonini reporter couldn't resist the invitation. Each table is then gonna have one topic of discussion on it. You know, they - immediately they had an opinion and they had already categorised. I'm not a Muslim and I'm a guy and I'm a white dude. But it's like there's obviously some kind of, like, intimidation factor. KAVEH ARYA: So, you know, I have invited so many people.

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